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Why Anemocyte?


Anemocyte has several peculiar traits which distinguish it from other players in the market and can benefit the project and its successful execution overall.

Established experience in nucleic acids development and manufacturing

Anemocyte has gained relevant experience in the realm of plasmid manufacturing.
In this regard, the company can count on a long-term experience dealing with a wide range of Projects and Products.

Leveraging on such established know-how Anemocyte has expanded its competencies and capabilities to timely and effectively address mRNA development and manufacturing.

Private ownership

Anemocyte is a family-owned business, founded on a responsible entrepreneurial long-term vision and values such as stability, flexibility, strong know-how and customer focus;

Financial stability

Anemocyte is a debt-free company that can count on the full support of its Shareholder to deploy its long-term growth strategy;

Established pDNA and mRNA analytical experience and competencies in-house

Anemocyte can manage the vast majority of the required analyses in-house;

Dedicated and ambitious Innovation & Development multi-year plan

Anemocyte is working on innovative solutions to timely and effectively respond to continuously evolving clients and market’s needs.

Examples of areas of focus:

  • innovative drug delivery systems,
  • innovative formulation, improved design for nucleic acid,
  • process optimization to limit impurities and increase the safety of the products.

Anemocyte S.p.A Single Shareholder Private Limited-Liability Company
Via R. Lepetit, 34 21040 Gerenzano (VA) Italy | Ph: +39 02 99372311 – Fax: +39 02 99372313 | VAT number: 12914940155 | Share capital € 530.000,00 fully paid | R.E.A. 276961