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Your experts in Plasmid DNA and mRNA

When working with Anemocyte, you choose to team-up with a leading player in the pDNA and mRNA development and manufacturing field.

With more than 20-years in the sector, Anemocyte has a well-established and reliable track record in supporting Cell & Gene Therapy products from research to market.

Such considerable wealth of experience is at the core of company’s business success and acts as foundation for its leadership, in Plasmid DNA and mRNA manufacturing space.

Today Anemocyte offers innovative and efficient solutions for Plasmid DNA and mRNA production, providing a broad range of services such as process development and optimization, manufacturing, analytics, storage, and stability studies.

Anemocyte offers a project-centric approach aimed to ensure alignment with the scope and adherence to timelines. Resorting to both a PMI approach to Project management (PMP certified) and LeanSixSigma (Black Belt) for Continuous Improvement.

Anemocyte is able to govern complex and structured programs, which require multiple levels of responsibility and decision-making capabilities supporting efficient processes and time-efficient decision-making.

On top of that, Anemocyte relies on an organized and well-planned Human Resources management strategy to effectively deliver your work.

Having this strategy in place enables Anemocyte to nurture and maintain a robust and efficient hiring & training model to boost the rapidly evolving needs of your projects.

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